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A dance school that takes you to a level
you didn’t know you had!

Imagine you could be moving to music, learning a new skill, getting fit and expanding your social network all at the same time… Salsa and Bachata dancing allows you to achieve all of this at once and own a skill to be proud of!

At Danzar Latino, we offer classes that use one of the most advanced teaching methodologies in the industry to deliver authentic Latin dance classes in:

  • Cuban Salsa (Casino)
  • Afro-Cuban (Rumba, Orishas, Palo Monte etc)
  • Colombian Salsa (Caleña/Cali Style)
  • LA Salsa (On 1)
  • NY Mambo (On 2)
  • Bachata (Moderna & Dominican)
  • Reggaeton & Body Isolations 

Not only will you learn from expert teachers who have travelled numerous times to Colombia, Cuba and Africa, you will become part of a warm social community, feel a sense of achievement, and have a HUGE amount of fun!


This is a dynamic and fluid style of dance that combines elements of traditional Cuban Son with modern Salsa based turn patterns. This is a great style to develop your body movement and flavour!

Cali, Colombia is known as the Salsa capital of the world and is home to this highly energetic and impressive dance style. Cali Style is renowned for being sharp and technical and is perfect to develop your footwork and musicality!

This is a highly rhythmic and expressive genre of dance that is comprised of three styles; Yambú, Guaguancó and Columbia. This dance style is emblematic of Cuban culture and is a great way to develop your body movement and styling!

There are many styles of dance that fall under this genre, which has its roots predominantly in Central and West Africa, and of course Cuba. Aside from developing your body movement and coordination, these styles will help you to embody different emotions and characters!




Elysia Baker

“I came to work with Sanushka this year seeking help with my Afro-Cuban. However after just one lesson, I discovered he offers a whole other level of coaching beyond this. Working together on musicality, performance, and mindset along with Afro-Cuban training helped me to go on and win the professional female Salsa title this year at the 2018 Australian Championships. I will be continuing my training with Sanu and team for 2019 🙂 Highly recommended!”

Matthew Cork

“My housemate and I had a private lesson with Caroline. Despite being absolute beginners to the world of Latin dance she was extremely welcoming and made us both feel comfortable and not intimidated at all. She definitely knows her stuff, is enthusiastic, very patient and encouraging (despite me feeling like I was going to step on her feet all the time)! She packs a lot into a 1 hr lesson, and if you’re wanting to explore the world of Latin dance, I could not recommend her highly enough.”

Max Hertan

“It was fantastic working with Sanu and the rest of team at Danzar Latino. Not only were the lessons very fun but the approach the school uses to learning accelerated my growth dramatically. I couldn’t believe how fast my improvement was. This is the school to go to if you want to learn fast and accurate salsa. Highly recommended!”


Sanushka Ranasinghe

Sanushka has been a professional dancer and teacher for over 17 years and is the founder and principle teacher at The Secret Garden of Dance and Danzar Latino.

He has taught and learnt over to 50 styles of dance, including Salsa, Afro Cuban, Swing, Tango, Hip Hop, Michael Jackson, Latin American & Ballroom.

Sanushka has also performed, competed, conducted workshops & judged at various events including the World Salsa Solos (Brisbane), Sydney Cuban Salsa Congress, Melbourne International Latin Festival, Byron Bay Latin Fiesta and the Victorian Salsa and Bachata Championships.

Sanushka’s success as a choreographer and teacher was brought to the public attention in 2012 when one of his bridal couples Frankie and Ryan made worldwide headlines for their jaw dropping Lindy hop/Swing routine. Their wedding dance went viral on YouTube, was featured in major newspapers, online forums and editorials both in Australia and the UK and was televised on the major TV networks in Melbourne.

Sanushka’s love of music and dance started at an early age with Michael Jackson and he has inspired him immensely and has helped him achieve his unique style. He also incorporates other styles of solo dancing including Hip Hop, Funk, Reggaeton, Cubaton & Dancehall.

Sanushka also has a strong musical background and he brings this experience to his lessons, developing his students timing and rhythm. He’s also very passionate about the peripheral elements of dance, such as its rich diversity, culture and history.

Caroline Puriri-Komarnicki

“Sanushka not only taught me everything I know and made me into the professional dancer that I am today, but has also equipped me with vital skills as a student, dancer and teacher which has helped me break limiting beliefs such as ‘you have to start from the age of 3 to be a professional dancer with a background in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary etc’.”

Caroline began learning how to play music at the age of 3 and later on decided to pursue flute in which she completed up to Grade 8 through the Australian Music Examination Board, and guitar for pleasure. She also began athletics at the age of 7, where her love and appreciation of sports truly developed. Caroline competed at numerous state, national and international competitions, with ambitions of competing at the Commonwealth Games and Olympics. Unfortunately do to illness, Caroline put a hold on her athletics, but in that time decided to take back up her musical studies and went on to obtain a degree in Sound Production & Audio Engineering, as well as Electronic Music Production.

Just over 3 years later and Caroline is now teaching and dancing full time at The Secret Garden of Dance, has taught at overseas events and has worked with some of the industries best in her primary style.

Having an extensive background in music and sports, Caroline then decide to begin dancing at the age of 21 as she wanted to learn how to “properly express herself to the music she loved and do it justice.” From her very first lesson, Caroline was enamoured and inspired and soon after decided to be the best that she could be and take it beyond what she had ever imagined.



Originally from Adelaide, Australia, Simon is a dedicated musician and dancer with a passion for sharing the beauty of Latin American culture through Latin music and dance. The passion for art and entertainment that Simon holds, along with his extensive education and appreciation of culture, cultivated a deep admiration of Latin music and dance. He hopes that he can always create a…

positive and open environment to share the unique Latin culture that has inspired him to pursue this path in music and dance. Simon also obtained a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Performance from the Elder Conservatorium in 2015 and was awarded the Helpmann Academy Expr3ss! Award for Top Jazz Drum Student.

As a bilingual speaker in English and Spanish, Simon achieved a Diploma of Languages from the University of Adelaide in 2016. Mastering the Spanish language and being introduced to Latin American culture was a foundation for the journey on which Simon’s passions would take him. He formed part of the Adelaide based Latin band, Macumbia (2015-2018), performing a variety of Colombian and Cuban rhythms and captivating audiences with shows around Australia.

In 2017, Simon solidified his understanding of the Spanish language even further and embarked on a journey of living and studying Spanish in Medellín, Colombia, where he surrounded himself with the dance and music scene, performing as a dancer in various national events. Simon has held numerous positions in the music and dance industry, such as Drum Teacher for Hallmark Music Studio from 2011-2016, Dance Teacher and Choreographer for Latino Grooves in Adelaide, South Australia (2018), and began working in a teaching and full-time managerial role at The Secret Garden of Dance and Danzar Latino at the beginning of 2019.


Do you run classes in terms / courses?2019-08-09T09:00:23+10:00

Short answer: Yes we do (but you can also drop into any class casually)
We run 6 week short courses in a term structure, allowing our students to build on the previous week’s material. However, we welcome casual drop in students as well. We introduce new material and dance content every 2 – 3 weeks so you won’t feel like you’re drowning in class! We have various levels that allow our students to develop their dancing, so you will never hinder your progress.

Do I need a partner to attend a class?2019-08-09T08:59:10+10:00

Short Answer) No you don’t!
We welcome all students whether you chose to come on your own, with a friend, family member, partner or a fellow dance student.

What should I wear for classes?2019-08-09T09:01:31+10:00

We recommend you wear active wear, casual attire and avoid clothes that are too tight or restricting. Some students come straight from work and others are in shorts and t-shirt. We also have bathrooms where you can get changed.

What’s the best footwear / shoes for your dance classes?2019-08-09T09:00:49+10:00

Recommended: Sneakers, trainers, walking shoes, flats, low heels with ankle support, Ballet flats, Ballroom and Latin dance shoes
Please avoid: Stiletto heels, heels with no ankle support, heavy boots, shoes with thick rubber soles, sandals/thongs/jandals/slip ons/flip flops!

What’s the duration / length of a dance class?2019-08-09T09:01:10+10:00

Short answer: 1 hour
Our classes are typically 1 hour in duration, whether it’s a private or group class. We may start or end the class 5 minutes earlier to complete payments, make another booking or answer any questions.

What payment methods do you offer?2019-08-09T09:00:04+10:00

We accept cash, eftpos, credit card (Visa & Mastercard only)
and online bank transfer (BSB: 063 185 A/C 1059 0397 A/C Name: The Secret Garden of Dance)


Call us

(03) 9882 8233
+61 412 331 214

Drop in

Level 1, 823 Burke Rd
Camberwell VIC 3124
(enter via Harold Street car park
– rear of building)


Monday – Friday

12:00 PM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 3:00 PM


(studio hire available)